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Bill Nicholson

Bill bought his first steel guitar (Emmons S-10, 6 pedals, with no knees -?) in the summer 

of 1969 following HS graduation in the mountains of North Georgia (Hiawassee). He 

quickly self-taught himself the basics on E9th, traded for a double-neck with 2 knee 

levers, and gave beginner steel guitar lessons at the Music Mart (Atlanta area) while 

earning a degree in Electrical Engineering at Ga. Institute of Technology. While there in 

1973, Bill bought his first double 12 string steel (MSA). Bill continues to play a D-12 

today (a Carter and Mullen G2). After graduation in 1974, Bill worked at Westinghouse 

in the Baltimore area and played music in clubs 3 night a week for ~ 4 years. Relocating 

to the Atlanta area in 1979, Bill and his wife (Mary Ann) raised a son and daughter and 

Bill continued his Engineering career as well as regular gigs with local bands. In late 

1989, Bill started a Saturday night gig with a band that lasted over 23 years at American 

Legions. Bill stills plays regularly at a small venue in Hiawassee with some high school 

buddies and plays several regional Steel Guitar shows. He is a fill-in player for Atlanta’s 

finest steel guitar players (Tommy Dodd, Bill Ferguson, and Bill Cunningham) whenever 

they call :).