Annual Steel Guitar
Convention Cruise

Steve Geis

Steve was raised in Nashville where he to learn to play drums and saxophone in elementary school. At age 14, he moved with his family to the Atlanta area where he first learned to play guitar. After graduation from high school, he moved back to Nashville and dabbled with writing and performing in the county music industry. Serving in the Army from 1969 to 1972 during the Vietnam era, Steve had several extended opportunities to sing and play guitar with several county bands performing at NCO Clubs, Officer's Clubs and various German-American events all across Germany, which is where Steve developed an affection for the pedal steel guitar.Upon return to the U.S. in 1972, Steve began developing his passion for the pedal steel and for the next several years, began playing pedal steel guitar with several local bands in and around the Atlanta area, which included some road work. During this time, Steve attended Clayton State College & University on the GI Bill and began a 30 year career in the air cargo industry on the Atlanta airport.In the '80s, Steve had the opportunity to share the stage with singers such as Don Gibson, Ferlin Husky and Freddy Weeler, while playing with several other various Atlanta bands and groups.In 2002, Steve and his wife, Karen, opened Whole Note Music Store, a small retail music store in Henry County, Georgia featuring Yamaha school band instruments, guitars,keyboards, etc. Whole Note Music Store also has 5 lesson studios and over 10 music teachers on staff with a successful music program averaging over 100 students/music lessons each week.Now semiretired,playing pedal steel guitar and being a regular Emcee at the Georgia Steel Guitar Association's steel guitar shows each year are Steve's favorite things to do, as well as traveling with his wife, Karen and enjoying the grand-kids.